Welcome to RagnaShare Ragnarok Online!

New RagnaShare Patch is available!

by [ADM] Vaynard on 2022-10-28

Hello everyone, we had a download link error due to technical issues when configuring FluxCP with rewrite which has already been fixed and also MediaFire marked the RagnaShare Patch zip with a virus because there is a Hexed Diffed, so I uploaded a patch version with 7z SFX and password for file encryption, I believe that MediaFire will no longer accuse viruses in RagnaShare Patch.

Here's the new link: https://www.mediafire.com/file/pr54gm48isn0iha/RagnaShare_Patch.exe/file

And the password: RagnaShare!

RagnaShare is released!

by [ADM] Vaynard on 2022-10-18

I am delighted to announce the launch of RagnaShare a private server for Ragnarok Online.

Click here to download!

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